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Meet the New 3 Tesla MRI Machine

April 18, 2017

One of the most common forms of diagnostic imaging is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). MRI has, in fact, become such a mainstay in modern radiology that many people actually expect to undergo an MRI scan at some point in their lives.

This, of course, wasn’t always the case. The first official MRI was performed in 1977, making this form of diagnostic imaging a very young piece in the radiology puzzle. Since then, however, the progress surrounding MRI research has flourished, providing the medical community with ever-advancing imaging techniques. One of the most recent and exciting advancements that Lubbock Diagnostic Radiology is proud to work with is the 3 Tesla MRI.

Meet the New 3 Tesla MRI Machine

If you’ll remember from previous blog posts on magnetic resonance imaging, an MRI works by using a magnetic field and pulses of radio waves, in order to produce detailed images of the inside of your body. The type of MRI machine typically found in radiology facilities is the 1.5 Tesla MRI unit, which means that it uses a magnetic field of 1.5 T (Tesla; the unit used to measure field strength) to produce images. The 3 Tesla MRI uses an even stronger magnetic field (3 T) to produce images of what many technicians find to be astonishing detail.

Benefits of the 3 Tesla MRI

The high level of detail provided by the 3 Tesla MRI allows physicians to detect anomalies on an extremely small scale, which is why the technique is becoming increasingly popular in brain imaging. The high field strength allows for enough detail to detect lesions that the 1.5 T unit cannot see, and helps physicians find indicators for conditions such as vascular disease, tumors, and developmental problems.

The brain is not the 3 Tesla MRI’s only benefactor, however. Certain full body scans using this advanced unit have proven to provide enough detail to render the use of contrast mediums unnecessary. This is a significant improvement for patients whose conditions prevent the use of contrast mediums in their treatment.

Additionally, the power of the magnetic field allows for faster screening times. Faster screening times improve results in patients who experience anxiety, or in children who have a hard time staying still. By alleviating some of these outside factors, the 3 Tesla MRI can decrease the probability of reading errors.

A High-Powered Option: Right Here in West Texas

If you live or work in Lubbock or the surrounding area, access to this exciting technology is available onsite at Covenant Health. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide Covenant with high-quality, accurate 3 Tesla MRI readings.

Covenant Health is the only facility in the Lubbock region with a 3 T unit onsite, and we take our relationship with them seriously. We are proud to back up this innovative technology with the capable skill of an experienced staff.

If you have more questions regarding the 3 Tesla MRI machine, we’d love to answer them.

Please contact us with any inquiries or concerns.

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