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The Benefits of Off-Site Medical Imaging

May 16, 2017

The Benefits of Off-Site Medical Imaging

Radiology has become an indispensable field of modern medicine. Whether being used for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons, the many evolving forms of radiology have saved countless lives and provided valuable insight into some of the most baffling conditions.

Because of the great and ever-changing amount of radiology specializations, however, it can be difficult for a medical facility to maintain effective access to the resources they need.

In these cases, off-site medical imaging and teleradiology present cost-effective options that will allow smaller medical facilities to provide their patients with integral radiology services.

What is Teleradiology?

The concept itself is quite simple. Teleradiology refers to the practice of interpreting or reading medical images at a location other than where the images were taken. For example, a radiologist here at Lubbock Diagnostic Radiology has the ability to interpret images taken by an MRI machine located at a facility hundreds of miles away.

Why Use Teleradiology?

An onsite radiologist can be an expensive employee to maintain, especially in situations where a facility is open 24 hours a day. For smaller hospitals, especially those located in rural settings, it can be difficult to recruit these medical professionals as well.

Between the constant need for upgraded equipment and the expense of an onsite radiology specialist, these barriers are insurmountable for some facilities.

By cultivating a relationship with a facility, such as LDR, that provides off-site medical imaging, these smaller facilities can gain access to directly needed radiology services in a much more cost-effective way. Rather than paying a full-time salary to an onsite radiologist, the facility can pay per exam, which will dramatically decrease expenses without sacrificing quality.

Sharing Medical Information Securely, Effectively, and Digitally

A facility that specializes in off-site medical imaging should be well-prepared in terms of the fast and secure sharing of private health information. Here at LDR, we utilize something called a PACS, which stands for “picture archiving and communication system.” A PACS is state-of-the-art technology that allows medical images to be stored and shared digitally between facilities.

With HIPAA compliance being such an important issue, the protection of digital information (specifically compared to film images and hard copies of records) through firewalls and other online security measures offers both increased accuracy and peace of mind.

The PACS used at Lubbock Diagnostic Radiology is the INFINITT PACS, an award-winning system that is trusted by over 4,000 institutions across the globe. We make the speed, privacy, and accuracy of our reads one of our top priorities, and our PACS plays a great role in that effort.

Fast, Accurate, Expert Reads

All of our radiologists are board-certified, and many have been serving the South Plains region for over 30 years. We believe that everyone deserves top-notch radiology services, regardless of where they live. By providing off-site medical imaging services and creating relationships with facilities both near and far, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer the expertise and specializations of our qualified radiologists.

If you have further questions about our off-site medical imaging services, we encourage you to call us or contact us today via our website contact form.

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