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January 4, 2018

Will AI Replace the Need for Radiologists?

Will AI Replace the Need for Radiologists

The development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare applications – including radiology – took a major step forward in the past year. Moreover, there’s no sign of AI advancement slowing down in 2018.

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June 27, 2017

Utilizing Digital Medical Files: Risks & Rewards

Radiology is a rapidly-advancing field in many ways, and not just in terms of procedures and equipment. The speed at which our field is evolving demands that we stay as up-to-date as possible with current trends and resources, which is why the digitalization of medical files has become such an important part of our business model here at Lubbock Diagnostic Radiology.

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April 18, 2017

Meet the New 3 Tesla MRI Machine

One of the most common forms of diagnostic imaging is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). MRI has, in fact, become such a mainstay in modern radiology that many people actually expect to undergo an MRI scan at some point in their lives.

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December 6, 2016

Common Imaging Trends Radiologists See During Winter

 While radiologists work consistently throughout the whole year, the winter season brings with it an upturn in certain kinds of imaging.

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October 11, 2016

Open Air MRI vs. Closed Bore MRI

When it comes to diagnostic imaging, an MRI is one of the most commonly-recognized procedures that a patient can undergo. Because the procedure is so common, we’d like to take the time to explain exactly what an MRI is, and discuss the different options that are available to patients.

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The Benefits of Nuclear Medicine Compared to CT Scans & X-Rays

The imaging technology available to radiologists today is astounding, and allows radiology specialists to view the inside of the body in many different ways.

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